Éire le Díol - Liam de Frinse 2006

32 Counties, Liam de Frinse
County Donegal, Tir Chonaill, Liam de Frinse
Éire le Díol - Liam de Frinse 2006
The title for this latest work by Belfast artist, Liam de Frinse, was prompted by the simulated 'World for Sale' construction in Abu Dhabi, Dubai as a holiday development. It points to the consumerist perspective that - anything can be sold. Each of the thirty two pieces that relate to the thirty two counties contain numerous symbolic references. The lace and linen industries which are now gone have been replaced by multi-national consortium. These same multi-national companies can also buy and erode our national resources. The shamrock, a weed in other countries and a wild flower that grows in all our counties, links the individual works to make a whole. The artist's primary motivation however, is that he is dismayed that Ireland itself has become a commodity - to the multi-nationals, tourist boards and so on - and what is the price tag of this export?

The artist is concerned by cultural and creative representations/products, kitsch can be sold but creativity cannot be bought. This point gets to the very heart of artist Liam de Frinse. De Frinse is the art, there is no line that separates the artist from his work - he is walking, living, passionate art 24/7. The artist invites the viewer to re-arrange or re-configure these works as they wish.

Parlaimint na bPréachán

A Parliament of Crows was first performed in Parliament Buildings, Stormont on 22nd May, the same day the assembly was re-called since it last sat in October 11th 2002. Dressed as a bare footed masked highway man and accompanied by SDLP assembly member, Carmel Hanna, he strode around the corridors of Stormont inviting assembly members to come to the long gallery to witness his performance. The recently re-instated Northern Ireland assembly looked on bemused, humored and even irked. The walls of the Long Gallery were covered with netting that held 108 black and white painted portraits of the original assembly alongside 100 crows, symbolic messengers. A rare opportunity one might think to see all 108 assembly members in one room at the same time! The Highway Man of Dreams delivered his post war cultural plea to all members of the new assembly - 'let ye not forget........the stuff of dreams'

The Parliament of Crows
Papering Over The Cracks In History

Papering over the cracks in history is so convenient
Turning events into some sort of mystery
Eventually hiding them altogether
Sort of sweeping them under the carpet
So to speak
Out of sight
Out of mind
Papering over the cracks in history is so convenient
Until the day comes
Around to
Papering over the cracks in history is so convenient
Especially when we forget
The stuff of dreams
That unites
Rather than divides us
You know when you make history
And it is no mystery
Never forgetting that sweet feeling
Of hearts beating in unison
Eyes glistening
Singing the song of love
Knowing your conquest
Is the legacy to be free
And that means you and me
We don't forget
Papering over the cracks of history is so convenient
For the bosses in this world
Time for the re-conquest of love
Life is a scarecrow
And we are everywhere..............