Titim Icarus - The Fall of Icarus, Katrina Quille 2009

Abyss 183x267cm - Oil on Canvas
Always Mid Way 102x126cm - Oil on Canvas - SOLD
Crossing the Void 183x132cm - Oil on Canvas
Detail Study for a Larger Painting 73.5x58cm - Oil on Canvas SOLD
Paradise Lost 107x84cm - Oil on Canvas SOLD
The Fall of Icarus (detail) 43x33cm
"...Quille forces us to gaze down upon the ground from an undetermined height (between sun and wave), in his remarkable, understated paintings. In reality, the artist’s paintings of ebbed tides, explore both outer shallow and inner depth. In death as in birth, the tide has its pattern, and we can only hope for as much. Its anatomy is the serpentine curve that he has drawn from the foreground to the horizon. But internally it is made up of slight ridges. And much like life, it runs seemingly straight for a while, turning abruptly then runs smoothly again. Then meets another obstacle, again is turned and again runs smoothly, until it is swept across the canvas to where it can no longer be seen. Hours before we knew the tide flowed through these dry channels, and now all that is left are the reflections of the ever-changing sky, in the silting puddles in front of us. Perhaps, part of the way we truly come to know something is through its death".

Excerpt taken from original essay by John Cunningham.