Spirit of Donegal

Gartan from Harley’s at Glendowan’ – 1958        Derek Hill
‘Late Donegal Harvest’ – 1962                                                Derek Hill
Homage to Paul Henry’ – 1961                                          Derek Hill
Jimmy Rogers’                                                           Derek Hill
Spirit of Donegal : Images of Donegal by Derek Hill and Friends

31st March - 22nd June.

Derek Hill had many visitors to his house at Churchill and very often other artists. The tradition was that he and his visitors would set off to paint together ‘en plein air’. After the day’s work they would then swap the art works. This way Derek Hill gathered a beautiful collection of paintings of Donegal by other artists. The interesting thing here is that these works quite often were executed in a style other than the established style familiar to us by the visiting artist. These works offer us a varied and broad range of ‘visions’ of Donegal