Bernadette Cotter,		Crossing
Oona Hyland.			 Transcriptions
Sarah Lewtas.  The Others
Heidi Nguyen.				 Waterflow
Eoin Maclochlainn.		 Abandoned Railway Line
Aoife Mc Garrigle.		P.O.W. Box Set

17/04/13 - 21/06/13

SAMKURA is the name for a small earth covering plant which has a leaf composed of a stem and three interconnected leaflets. The name in its Georgian form, trefoil, suggests the image of “three ears connected together.” In English it translates as Shamrock and in Gaelic Seamróg. SAMKURA visualises the co-operation of a constellation of cultures from Ireland, Greece and Portugal represented by the three leaves or ‘ears’, whose stem is represented by Georgia and Armenia.
Cló Ceardlann na gCroc are a first class print workshop facility based in Mín a’ Leá, Gortahork where they host residencies and run a range of creative courses. The SAMKURA project was initiated by Cló in 2008. Artists from Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Ireland and Portugal have come together to put into practice the idea of a living exchange through the experience of working individually or collaboratively to create new art works in a thematic context focusing on language, landscape and technology. SAMKURA creates the conditions for understanding contemporary art as a language of cross-cultural communication. Cló were the lead organisation in the project and took responsibility for providing the practical support for the production of art works in the context of an artist-in-residence program that took place in Ireland, Portugal and Georgia.

Since its inception, over 23 artists have participated in the project. Cló has coordinated exhibitions at The Gyumri International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Gyumri, Armenia , the Artisterium exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia and the SAMKURA Exhibition in Thessaloniki Greece as well as an international conference at their premises in Gortahork. An Gailearaí is delighted to be able to exhibited a small selection from all that has been generated under the umbrella of the SAMKURA project. This exhibition coincides with another SAMKURA exhibition in Berlin.