Exhibitions 2017

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Teangá Rúnda na gCorr
Teangá Rúnda na gCorr
This installation has been a long time in the making, both the visual concept and the actual installing of the work. Of course there would be no exhibition if it had not been for Lorcán Ó Tuathaíl’s book ‘Corr Scéal – Crane Notions’ which was the inspiration behind this new An ...More Info
Artist’s Statement

A selection of paintings by Brian Byrne
27th May - 29 June 2017

The painting process for me is primarily emotional, instantaneous and immediate in its function. Observation is important, I don’t make notes as to colour or drawing references etc. I tend to ...More Info
30 Years I Artist I Places
30 Years I Artist I Places.
8th April - 19 May 2017

One of the most significant exhibitions of Irish artists in recent years, 30 Years, Artists, Places marks 30 years since Local Authorities embarked on providing for the arts locally, featuring 30 artists and 30 places.

Renowned artists such ...More Info
Seán Cathal
Seán Cathal
25th February - 31st March 2017

“Et quid amabo nisi quod ænigma est?”

As a title this phrase...”what should I love if not the enigma itself” is a perfect way to understand and see the work in this exhibition.

The work is at once personal and universal in its references. Many ...More Info