On The Square

Drawings 1-15  Charcoal and conté on paper 88X123cm
Drawings 1-15  Charcoal and conté on paper  88X123
Drawings 1-15  Charcoal and conté on paper   88X123cm
Barbara Freeman
14th December-10 March 2012

A Visual/Sound Installation with composer Joel Cathcart

Artist Barbara Freeman collaborated with composer Joel Cathcart to develop this installation of sculpture, drawings and sound which was commissioned by and on tour from the new F.E.McWilliam Gallery & Studio in Banbridge, N.Ireland. The sculpture that forms the centrepiece of the exhibition is created from four engraved Perspex cubes within cubes. Joel Cathcart’s sound installation consists of two parts: a pure instrumental tone and a soundscape based on exterior environmental recordings, both emanate from the central sculpture.

In contrast to the machine-produced cubes, the suite of fifteen drawings in charcoal, conté and chalk are soft-edged and gestural. These qualities display the hand of the artist and introduce an expressive element into the installation as a whole. All based on the idea of the square,some of the drawing evoke diagrams for dance steps, while others are more like architectural plans or the outlines of buildings seen from far above. Ultimately, On The Square is an installation of diverse elements that unite to create a dynamic interaction of light and sound in space.