Maurice Galway 'Drying in the Rain'

Maurice Galway
Time(s): 11am - 5pm
Admission: Free
04th July 2010 - 28 August 2010

An Gailearaí is proud to present an exhibition by Maurice Galway which will feature a new film installation especially commissioned for this year's Earagail Arts Festival.

With an incubation period of 7 years the installation entitled 'Drying in the Rain' features a male figure standing alone in a woodland meadow drying himself in the rain. The film explores the notion that there is no perfection in anything; that, even though the world, our lives and hearts are flawed, does not mean that we are excused from rejoicing. On the contrary in these circumstances there is an imperative to engage with it all and offer a hallelujah.

The exhibition will also include some of Maurice's simple but stunning line drawings, reminiscent of similar work by Matisse or Picasso. Maurice Galway’s work includes film, photography, line drawing and installations. He has exhibited in Ireland, Europe and North America and has curated numerous exhibitions including: 'Gimmie Shelter', the 'In Pursuit' Series and 'Pictures' series with The Siamsa Gallery. His work has been published in a number of publications. He is founder and Artistic Director of the Dingle Film Festival/Féile Scannán an Daingin. He lives in Kerry with his wife Catherine and their 4 children